A unique and popular MIT tradition, students have been borrowing artwork since 1969. Through this annual loan program, students borrow original works of art from the collection for their private rooms and communal spaces.  

The collection now includes over 700 framed original works of art, which are made available to students for loan each September.

New Acquisitions 

In FY2016, the List accessioned 43 new works into the collection. Recent acquisitions focus on artists who have exhibited at the List Center, broadening diversity of the collection, and supporting local, Boston-based artists and galleries. 

Below please find a selection of new acquisitions.  

Program Support

Generous support for the Student Loan Art Program has been provided by Vera G. List, MIT’s Campus Activities Complex, MIT List Friends of Boston Art, Council for the Arts at MIT, endowments established by John Taylor and Alan May, and new purchases supported by Brit d’Arbeloff, Karen & Greg Arenson, Rhea Cohen, Margaret Anne Cullum, Maryanna McConnell, and Jane & Neil Pappalardo.

Living with Art at MIT

Below find a selection of images from the past year showcasing students living with art. 

Having [artwork] in my apartment made me look for beauty in my own ordinary possessions. It made me more aware of everything around me.
— Jennifer Schloss, Graduate Student, Course 8 (Physics)

New Acquisition Images:

1. Jonas Wood
[untitled] White Columns 2015 Print Portfolio, 2015

2. August Ventimiglia
Event Study, Blue Series No. 6, 2009

3. Nicole Cherubini
Silk, 2012

4. Cai Guo-Qiang
Ring Stone, 2015

5. Gyorgy Kepes
Untitled ca. 1970, 2015

6. Chris Martin
[untitled] White Columns 2015 Print Portfolio, 2015